Quick development and shorter time-to-market is the need of the hour for businesses. Force.com caters to these product development needs by offering a product development platform that helps develop complex and highly optimized enterprise apps for your business.

With our Force.com development services, you can maximize your business potential and improve the returns on your investment. We have both a clear understanding, and experience of delivering solutions that meet your business needs with this platform. With the capabilities of this platform, we help leverage the SaaS potential. We develop and deploy SaaS based offerings using this platform to expedite service delivery of the solutions.

We offer the following services to complete the development:

  • Conceptualization & Prototyping: Gathering your business requirements, and understanding your business goals, we conceptualize the ideal product that can help your business. We prototype the concept to give you an idea of the solution
  • Development: Once the prototype has been approved, we develop the solution using the architecture defined and designed in the prototype
  • System Integration: We either create custom adapters or use the pre-built adapters. We also include single sign in solutions for your partner systems as well as legacy systems
  • Enhancements: We also deliver enhancements or support services that will fulfill your needs