App is where communication and collaboration occurs. Your customer meets a brand with an app; your employee connects and collaborates with an app. In the smartphone era, you cannot ignore the app. Appexchange is a leading app marketplace developed by Salesforce that aims to make employees productive, and help boost operational efficiency is growing by leaps and bounds. This ecosystem of apps mitigates app development risks, enhances security and shortens the time-to-market the apps, thus giving you the desired competitive edge.

MVClouds has the experience of developing and delivering innovative app solutions for the AppExchange ecosystem. We have expertise and combining it with our domain expertise of AppExchange, we improve capabilities of your organization with the right apps.

As part of our service offerings for AppExchange, we deliver:

  • App Planning: We aim to help independent software vendors with the right kind of planning that will help them get the right app solutions. We choose the kind of app that will help their business, the platform for which they should develop and finally the development lifecycle for the app. During the planning stage, we prototype the app, do a competitor analysis and derive a app strategy
  • App Development: The actual development commences after thorough planning. We perform the design and development during this stage, along with the development of custom connectors and adapters necessary for the business. We also conduct product migration at this stage
  • Security Review: We conduct a thorough security audit to get a review on the security within and outside the app
  • Management: This is the final stage, where we launch, market and offer backend support to the app that has been developed.